Westwood Alumni


Westwood Jr./Sr. High is proud to announce the creation of “The Westwood High School Distinguished Alumni (WWHSDA)”.  The WWHSDA was established to celebrate and promote the collective experiences unique to the Westwood High School community and strengthen a "Tradition of Excellence." Continuing in the Tradition of Excellence, the WWHSDA desires to recognize the achievements of alumni who have made significant contributions to society through their personal lives, individual passions, talents, professional accomplishments and/or community service. An award will be presented to each inductee or their representative at an induction awards ceremony held every two years. Each inductee's name will be displayed in the designated Distinguished Alumni area located in Westwood Jr./Sr. High School.  The first group is expected to be inducted in October, 2016.  Please visit the Jr./Sr. High School website (http://www.wwrsd.org/westwoodrhs) for more information including the nomination form.  Please contact Frank Connelly, Westwood Jr./Sr. High School Principal with any questions at frank.connelly@wwrsd.org or 201-664-0880 x2075.

Currently, there are two websites that have been created by former students for all alumni to use.  These sites will allow all Westwood Alumni to stay in touch without being spread out over many national alumni sites.  These sites will handle reunion information, allow classmates to find each other and communicate. 

Click Here to visit the Westwood Alumni Web Site.

* Note * These sites are in no way associated with the Westwood Regional School District.  They were put together by former students as a means to communicate with other Alumni.  They will keep a clean site by approving all text and photos before anything is posted and will not have any ads or pop up windows.