• Clearance Information

    All student-athletes MUST have a HARD COPY physical form, or health history update form.  Depending upon your situation, the examples below explain which form you need.  


    Physical forms or health history update forms must be submitted to the school nurse no later than 7/14/17 to guarantee clearance by the start of the fall season. You must use the state form, which can be found on the athletic website, and the cardiac screening module must be signed off by your physician. A physical is good for 365 days, however, after 90 days you must then complete a health history update form. Below are examples of when to submit a physical or a health history update form, in a handful of different situations.

    Fall sports begin on 8/14 (football on 8/7):

    Example 1 - Physical expires prior to the start date - you would need to submit the full physical form prior to the start of the fall sport (7/14 to guarantee clearance).

    Example 2 - Physical expires after the start date, but during the fall season - The physical is good for the duration of the fall season, however, a health history update form must be submitted because the last physical exam was more than 90 days prior. This student would need a new physical prior to competing in a winter or spring sport.

    Example 3 - Physical expires after the fall season, sometime in the winter or fall. This student would just need to submit a health history update form.

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  • FamilyID - Online Registration (must complete)

    In conjunction with your hard copy physical form/health history update form, all student-athletes and their parents must complete their registration with FamilyID.  This must be completed for each team that your child wishes to participate on.  Please click the link below to begin registration.


    FamilyID Registration



    FAQ's/User Guide for FamilyID

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  • Athletic Physical Form (4 Pages)

    (Print ALL 4 pages.) Must be completed once every 365 days.
    Return to Nurse/Health Office.
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  • Health History Update

    Each student whose medical examination was completed more than 60 days prior to the first practice session shall provide a health history update of medical problems experienced since the last medical examination.  Return to Nurse/Health Office.

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