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    Important Things to Know for Westwood Track and Field
    Everyone Needs:  Proper running shoes in good condition (for training) and flats or spikes for racing.  The Ridgewood Running Co. or Fleet Feet in Mahwah are good choices for proper fitting and advice.  Proper shoes are often the only protection against injury.  Please prepare to be outside for extended periods in all weather conditions.  Have layers, moisture management, wind and rain protection, hat and gloves.  Better warm than sorry.  The school provides a meet uniform of shorts and singlet only.
    Expectations:    Achievement level will vary and workouts will be appropriate to personal levels of skill/maturity/ability.   All athletes though, are held to the same standards of responsibility, dependability and competitiveness.  In personal effort and desire for improvement, all Athletes are equal in Track and Field. The Track and Field Program cannot accommodate exotic schedules involving outside activities, jobs or excessive academic needs. Students are expected to notify coaches well in advance for difficulties involving scheduling and attendance.
    Awards:  Varsity letters are earned by those making a significant contribution to team success, as demonstrated by scoring a minimum of 15 points in meets. Those points are scored by placing 1st (5 pts.), 2nd (3 pts.), or 3rd (1 pt.) in dual meets, or 1st (10), 2nd (8), 3rd (6), 4th (4), 5th (2), 6th (1) in invitationals. For relays the points are divided among the participants.  Letters may also be awarded for outstanding contributions of service, sacrifice, courage and support, as judged by the coaches.
    Consequences:  There is a no cut policy in Westwood Track and Field, for those who meet expectations.  Unexcused absence, irresponsibility, disruption, distraction or poor sportsmanship are all cause for removal from the team.  All regular school discipline policies apply.  Athletic participation is a privilege earned and guaranteed only through proper attitude and behavior.

    Staff:  The coaches are proud to guide the current athletes to future success while upholding the traditions of our past.  We are always accessible to student and parent concerns.  Contact Coach Glover by email:  george.glover@wwrsd.org   or cell: 845-781-6902