Board of Education Members 
    Board Member Email Term Expires
    Susan Swietkowski, President (WW) Swietkowski.Susan@wwrsd.org 2020
    Joseph Blundo, Vice President (WW) Blundo.Joseph@wwrsd.org 2019
    Andrew Gerstmayr (WW) Gerstmayr.Andrew@wwrsd.org 2018
    Roberta Hanlon (WW)  Hanlon.Roberta@wwrsd.org  2019 
    Stephen Kalish (WT) Kalish.Stephen@wwrsd.org 2020
    Paul Liddy (WT) Liddy.Paul@wwrsd.org  2018
    Darlene Mandeville (WT) Mandeville.Darlene@wwrsd.org 2020
    Joseph McCallister (WT) McCallister.Joseph@wwrsd.org 2019
    Maria Straight (WW)  Straight.Maria@wwrsd.org  2018

    2018-19 Board of Education Student Representatives
    WRSD High School Students
    Kaavya Murthuraman
    Gabriella Dunay

    Board Committee Assignments
    Committee Board Member Administrative Liaisons
    Curriculum and Programs
    Joseph Blundo (Chairperson)
    Stephen Kalish
    Andrew Gerstmayr
    Jill Mortimer
    Finance and Facilities
    Roberta Hanlon (Chairperson)
    Darlene Mandeville
    Maria Straight 
    Keith Rosado
    Policy and Governance
    Paul Liddy (Chairperson)
    Joseph Blundo
    Joseph McCallister
    Ray González
    Personnel Full Board (whole committee) Ray González

    Per Policy 0155, the Board President will serve as the ex officio member on all Board committees.