• The mission of the YWCA Before & After School Programs is to engage children in fun activities that promote self-esteem, personal responsibility, and teamwork. The programs operate each day during the school year in 21 Bergen County schools and serve 1,000 kids daily, providing working parents with a safe, affordable alternative to leaving children home alone. The YWCA staffs each program with the Site Supervisor and Recreation Counselors who are ready and waiting when the dismissal bell rings. Children may enroll anytime during the school year.

    Additional information and registration forms can be found at www.ywcabergencounty.org  

    If you require assistance with registration, please call 201-444-5600, ext. 352.

    If you have other questions or concerns, call Erica Bixby or Brian Scanlon at 201-444-560, ext. 387 or 381. Or contact them by e-mail at ebixby@ywcabergencounty.org or bscanlon@ywcabergencounty.org.