• Class of 2018

     ******OUR GRADUATION DATE IS SET.......MARK YOUR CALENDARS.....JUNE 21, 2018******

    (Remember, Project Graduation takes place immediately following the graduation ceremony)

    Welcome to the Class of 2018's Parents Page.  Please check back regularly for updated information regarding Project Graduation for our class. If you would like to sign up for our email distribution list or to volunteer to help out with fundraising for Project Graduation 2018, please email us at wwcardinals2018@yahoo.com
    *Our kickoff meeting was held on Tuesday, 10/11/16 - all parents of students graduating in 2018 were welcome to attend.  We sent everyone home with the assignment of looking into venues, research them and report back with their findings and the costs at our next meeting which then took place on February 8th.  Venues were discussed and one selected. With our venue secured with a deposit, we have moved on to securing busing and our photographer / videographer. 

    You can pay for your child's PG-2018 ticket at this time to receive the early bird discount - $200.  After October 31st, tickets for this event will be $250.00 per student.  (We have breifly extended the discount deadline to November 12th - but please get your payments in!)

    Please mail in your payment to:  (include your child's name in the memo section)

    Project Graduation - 2018 - PO Box 73 - Hillsdale, NJ 07642  

    MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO:  Westwood Jr-Sr HS - Class of 2018



    Dining for Dollars - Pompilios Night 11/7/17

    Click here for printable flyer


     Jewelry Party - December 8th, 2017
    @ Woodland Park Jewelers- ALL DAY EVENT FOR YOUR HOLIDAY NEEDS!
    Past Fundraisers / Meetings
    Clothing Drive 10/21/17 - $800
    Dining for Dollars - Domani - Wednesday, 10/11/17 - $300
    Dining for Dollars - Blue Moon -  Tuesday, 10/03/17 - $300
    Back To School Night - 9/27/17 PG 2018 Ticket money Collection kick off
    May 24, 2017 at 7:30pm in HS Cafeteria - Entertainment presentation by CeCe Production - COMPLETED
    Clothing Drive - 5/6/17 - thank you for all your donations - we filled the truck and raised $1,029
    Jewelry Party - Completed 4/30/17 - thank you to all who came out, we raised just shy of $3,000
    Blue Moon Dining for Dollars - Completed 2/28/17 - thank you for all who attended, we raised just over $300
    Clothing Drive - 10/22/16 - thank you for all your bags of items - we raised over $700 on wet dreary day!
    Jewelry Party - Completed 11/14/15 


    Heather  & Lori