• 2017-18 District Goals

    1.  Student Achievement - Support student growth and academic achievement through a focus on the continuous review and refinement of curricula, instructional practices, and professional development.

    -  Curriculum: Revise the K-12 Social Studies Curriculum this year and finalize the input of all curricula into the Atlas on-line curriculum portal
    -  Professional Development: Provide sustained, district-based professional development to support the effective implementation of Reading and Writing Workshop in Grades K-7 and special education co-teaching in Grades 6-12.
    -  Instructional Practices: Study and incorporate 21st Century Skills of collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking throughout all grade levels and content areas.
    -  Instructional Leadership: Implement a new organizational structure that targets school-level needs and promotes instructional leadership among Principals, Assistant Principals, and teacher leaders.

    2.  Data Driven Decision-Making - Increase the practice of collecting and using data to inform decisions in all aspects of the school district.

    3.  Strategic Planning - Implement all Year 2 activities outlined in the 2016 - 2021 Strategic Action Plan associated with the following five areas:

    - Health and Wellness
    - Safety, Security, and Facilities
    - Academic Rigor and Student Achievement
    - Culture, Climate, Citizenship and Community
    - Technology

    4.  Facilities Referendum - Pursuant to Strategic Planning Goal #2, prepare for a referendum to secure public support to create a “True Middle School”.

    -  Communication: Ensure that the community is well-informed of the proposed referendum and provide an opportunity for public input.

    2017-18 Board Goals

    1.  Increase training opportunities towards becoming a NJ School Boards Association Certified Board.

    Increase involvement and support of the strategic action plan through regular discussion in Board committees and public review of progress.

    3.  Create opportunities for greater community engagement by the Board of Education members.