• 2018-19 District Goals

    1. Student Achievement - Support student growth and academic achievement through a focus on the continuous review and refinement of curricula, instructional practices, and professional development.
      • Curriculum: Ensure consistency of curriculum implementation among the four elementary schools by planning at least two new measures for monitoring fidelity. Continue to explore opportunities for increased personalization by researching supports and options for non-college bound students.
      • Professional Development: Provide sustained, district-based professional development to support the effective implementation of Reading and Writing Workshop in Grades K-7 (32 days of on-site workshops), special education co-teaching in Grades 6-12 (111 hours), and 21st century learning (8 days of on-site workshops).
      • Instructional Practices: Continue to increase technology integration by emphasizing an active learning, technology infused experience for all students.
      • Instructional Leadership: Promote vertical articulation throughout the district through cross-school observations at the elementary (48) and secondary level (50).

    2. Data Driven Decision-making - Increase the practice of collecting and using data to inform decisions in all aspects of the school district.
      • Identify specific metrics that can be used to inform the effectiveness of district and school-wide initiatives.

    3. Strategic Planning - Implement all Year 3 activities outlined in the 2016 - 2021 Strategic Action Plan associated with the following five areas:
      • Health and Wellness
      • Safety, Security, and Facilities
      • Academic Rigor and Student Achievement
      • Culture, Climate, Citizenship and Community
      • Technology

    4. Facilities Planning - In addition to the goals and objectives outlined in the strategic plan:
      • Develop an action plan to minimize disruptions to instruction during the Middle School expansion project.
      • Explore current and future possibilities for promoting sustainability in our schools through the District’s participation in the Sustainable Jersey for School certification program and the design of the Middle School.
      • Develop a comprehensive facilities plan to address short and long terms needs of the district.

    5. Communications - Proactively communicate with the larger community to keep them informed of program and to promote the school district.
           o   Develop a communications plan to effectively engage various stakeholders within the community through print, digital, and personal methods.

    2018-19 Board Goals

    1. Increase training opportunities towards becoming a NJ School Boards Association Certified Board by engaging in a minimum of six hours of additional Board training.

    2. Increase involvement and support of the strategic action plan through regular discussion in Board committees and public review of progress.

    3. Participate in the implementation of the District’s communication plan by attending school or community sponsored events.

    4. Review, update, and publish Board Committee SOP including an updated Board Committee report.