Berkeley Elementary School is a special place to learn and grow.

2017 National Blue Ribbon School

Berkeley Elementary School has a long-standing history of serving children in the Westwood community. We educate about 300 students from kindergarten through fifth grade. We envision Berkeley School as a focal point for our students, their families, and the community. Our school motto is "Reaching for the Stars" as all members continue to strive to do their best academically, socially, and emotionally.

With its strong parental support, Berkeley School provides students with quality educational program and solid foundation that will serve them as they become leaders of the twenty-first century. From the earliest grades they progress along the academic continuum mastering age and grade appropriate skills. Students are encouraged to look beyond the obvious and apply critical thinking skills to solve problems in unique ways. Technology has been a virtual tool in this area. We have wireless capability that allow for learning experiences to take place anywhere and anytime in the building as well as Smartboard technology and all things Google. Teachers provide opportunities for children to integrate learning from multiple disciplines. Students are afforded opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge through both of traditional and progressive assessments. In addition, our students perform well on the state and district assessments.

Berkeley School is a diverse community. It is here that students, families, faculty, and staff are united in their efforts to engage in the joy of learning. Recognizing that each individual has unique contributions to make, all are encouraged to share their talents and to add to our collective learning experience.

Overall, Berkeley School provides a challenging, positive, and supportive environment that is conducive to the development and growth of each individual. Students are challenged to grow academically, to capitalize on their own talents, to work cooperatively with others, and to continue to learn in a variety of ways each day. In other words, each of our students continue to "Reach for the Stars!"

Our Parent School Organization (PSO) plays an active part in our success story. They are viewed as a vital partner in the continual improvement of our school. In year's past, large portions of their fundraising was spent on cultural enrichment opportunities, technology, and helping supplement resources for students.