The staff at Brookside Elementary School believes in the value of the individual and the importance of helping each student reach his or her potential. We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff, a well-rounded curriculum, a strong sense of community, an emphasis on character education, active parent involvement, and our recognition of the diverse nature of our student body.

An integrated approach to instruction helps students to understand the connections among the various subjects while fostering logical, responsible learning. Our curriculum builds upon basic language and computation skills to provide a strong foundation for our students’ learning. Language Arts instruction focuses on a reading and writing workshop approach as well as solid phonics and decoding instruction. Our students are active and effective writers, and speaking and listening skills are reinforced throughout the school day. In mathematics, our students gain a sound knowledge of basic computation facts at the same time that they apply these skills in solving a variety of everyday problems. Science and social studies instruction is tied to the world around us to help our students develop an inquiring mind and a perspective on their history. Physical education and the arts are also an important part of our students’ week, and our French and Spanish world language program provides additional insights into our world.

Critical thinking takes center stage as teachers incorporate problem solving and decision-making skills into the day-to-day life of the classroom right from the beginning of Kindergarten. Our Character Education program also emphasizes these skills and integrates them into both the curriculum and everyday classroom life. Our goal is to help our students develop the skills they will need to play an active part in a rapidly changing world.

Technology plays an ever-increasing role within our school, just as it does within our society. Computers with Internet access are available in each classroom, the library, our computer lab, and a mobile laptop lab. Smart Boards are also available in the school. Our teachers integrate technology into the curriculum as the students use computers for research, writing, multimedia presentations, and more.

Our teachers work hard to incorporate the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards into their teaching. They plan their lessons to insure that our students are being taught the skills they will need to become productive, reflective, problem-solving citizens. Our curriculum emphasizes not only the basics of computation, reading and writing, but also the physical, social, emotional, cultural, and moral growth of our students.

Brookside Elementary School’s students are actively involved in their learning. From lively, student-oriented classes, to an expanding technology program, to school-wide projects involving the entire Brookside community, and more, our students are immersed in an atmosphere that truly makes learning come alive.