In 2018-19, the Jessie F. George School had 271 students in Grades K-5. All classes were self-contained; buddy classes and/or cross-grade activities introduced children to many other teachers. The George School staff is made up of dedicated, caring, highly qualified individuals who work tirelessly to ensure that the academic, social, and emotional needs of each child are met.

George School continues to offer a well-rounded academic program to help our students develop into effective problem solvers, critical thinkers, and competent users of technology. Our literacy initiatives include ongoing work with an integrated approach to reading and writing. Teachers are utilizing the new Common Core standards, as well as our MacMillan-McGraw Hill reading series, Treasures, to teach language arts concepts. In addition to teaching skills, spelling, and phonics, teachers individually assess each child’s reading fluency and comprehension skills. Our teachers in grades K-5 continue to build their classroom libraries with many “just right” books to match student ability levels. In mathematics, we are using the MacMillan-McGraw Hill Math Connects series, with curriculum aligned to the Common Core. Our focus is on basic skills and the application of these skills to build strong problem solving skills. The program also includes many technology resources for use at school and to support student work at home. We round out our program with physical education, art, and music for all students. Additionally, we offer both French and Spanish instruction to students in grades 1-5. Academic enrichment programs include enrichment classes for grades 1-3 and regular use of computers in the computer lab and classrooms for all K-5 students, including keyboarding, multimedia, Internet, and after school computer clubs. A Gifted/Talented Program for selected 4th and 5th graders is offered.

We infuse problem-solving character education skills into the Core-Curriculum and to implement a scientifically based social decision-making/problem solving model. Our goal is to help students learn these skills at an early age so that they are empowered to be productive, responsible, self-directed individuals who respect and appreciate diversity. We highlight and reward random acts of kindness on a weekly basis to reinforce a caring school community.

Parents are very involved and committed to our school! We are thankful for their wonderful, consistent support, which helps to build school spirit and academic excellence. The Parent-School Organization promotes a close relationship between home and school, and provides goods and/or services that benefit the school. Thanks to their efforts, we were able to offer many cultural enrichment programs during the school year. Through fundraising efforts, our PSO has purchased SMART Boards for classrooms and has worked to help beautify our outdoor space. In the winter, the PSO sponsors an after-school enrichment program, which is staffed by our own teachers. Teachers design and teach courses that include many hands-on activities that expand and enrich our students’ educational experience.

Communication is the key to success in any organization. At George School, we are committed to keeping parents and community members informed about the great things going on in our classrooms. Our district website offers a great opportunity to share information with the community. Each teacher maintains their own website with classroom information, and the school’s home page contains information about school and district news and projects. School newsletters are posted on the website which highlight student news and accomplishments, while also sharing curricular news from each grade level. The website helps to keep busy parents well informed and connected to the school.

The George School community of students, parents and teachers all play an important role in making our school an academically rich, safe, and nurturing learning environment that encourages all children to be the best they can be! We are a caring community school that offers the best in elementary education.