Mrs. Margaret Montenare

Student Assistance Counselor

Student Assistance services at Westwood Jr./Sr. High School encompass confidential counseling across a wide range of issues for both students and parents. The Student Assistance Program works closely with existing in-school services to provide support for students whose personal concerns may be affecting their academic success and behavior at school.

Services include:

  • Counseling services for students regarding substance abuse, mental health, and behavioral issues.

  • Parent Educational Workshops

  • Preventative Programs

  • Referral Services

  • Parent Meetings

Counseling related issues:

  • Drug and alcohol

  • Family changes

  • Suicide

  • Bullying

  • Peer issues

  • Eating disorders

  • Mental Health

  • Health concerns

  • Behavioral Concerns 

  • Social Concerns

  • Stress related issues

Office Location: Guidance Suite
Phone: (201) 664- 0880 ext 2076