Parent Access

    Genesis Parent Access

    The Genesis Parent Access portal is a safe and secure way for parents to view many of their child's school records for the school year.  Through the Genesis Parent Access portal, parents can access information about their child's class schedule, attendance and discipline.

    You do not have to register for Parent Access, your account is automatically set up once you register in the district with a valid email address.  Please note your Parent Login ID is your email address.  We also ask that all parents read the Genesis Parent Access User Manual using the link below.  It contains step-by-step instructions on how to use the system. Most answers to your questions can be answered by referring to the manual prior to contacting Mrs. Sommerhalter for support.

    We hope that you enjoy using this system.  If you have any issues regarding the login process, please contact Mrs. Paulette Sommerhalter at 201-664-0880 ext 2011 or via email at mailto:paulette.sommerhalter@wwrsd.org.


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