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October Board Meeting Highlights

The following are some highlights of the regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting (
click HERE to view the agenda):

September Student of the Month Recognitions
Sept 2018 SOTM
Madison Murphy-Twelfth Grade Sr. High School; Ryan Lomer-Eighth Grade Jr. High School;
Amara Geipel-Seventh Grade Middle School; Reese Schultz-Sixth Grade Middle Student



MS Art1
MS Art2
Student Artwork on Display:  Westwood Regional Middle School Art students, under the direction of Karen Bloch
Grade 6:  Ciara Leahy, Ashley Avella, Daniela Reboira, Barbara Montes, Daniel DiCuia, Greta Gashler, Michael Burry
Grade 7:  Julia Ritorto, Abby Reeves, Mia Adler, Erin Rosta, Isabel Schrottner, Neta Nemesh, Peyton Tan, Ananya Bhattacharya, Isabella Bedoya

Superintendent’s Report
District’s Student Safety Data System (SSDS) Report for 2017-18
Week of Respect and School Violence Awareness Activities

Policies Adopted
No policies adopted at this meeting (click HERE to view all the district's Board approved policies and administration regulations)