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January Board Meeting Highlights

Check out some of the highlights from our January 2019 meetings of the Board of Education…

January 3, 2019:  At the annual reorganization meeting of the Board of Education, Susan Swietkowski and Joseph Blundo were selected to be the Board President and Vice-President for 2019.  Joseph Abou-Daoud, Andrew Gerstmayr, and Frank Romano III were sworn in to serve three-year terms. Congratulations! (click HERE to view the agenda).

January 17, 2019:  The following are some highlights of the regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting (click HERE to view the agenda):

Student Artwork
Art1 art2 art3 art4
Westwood Regional Jr./Sr. High School Digital Photography II students, under the direction of Michele Keller: Antonio Cordo (11), Shannon Elliott (11), Madison Fulco (12), Trent Furman (12), Megan Hochmeyer (12), Mia Kramer (12), Jennifer Kristofick (11), Gabrielle Rhodes (11), Krystal Wilson (12)

December Student of the Month Recognitions
Christian Maiz-Twelfth Grade Sr. High School; Matthew Zamora-Eighth Grade Jr. High School;
William Roche-Seventh Grade Middle School; Keegan Galligher-Sixth Grade Middle Student

Eagle Scout Recognition

Eagle Scout
Stephen Munson-Eleventh Grade Sr. High School

Seal of Biliteracy Student Recognitions

The Seal of Biliteracy identifies students who have demonstrated proficiency in English and proficiency in at least one more world language according to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Proficiency guidelines. The Westwood Regional Board of Education commends and congratulates the following students for their accomplishments.
Seal of Biliteracy
AP French: Paula Cruz, Michelle Kalish, Jamie Mandano, Kaavya Muthuraman, Sabrina Rodriguez, Emily Wu, Katherine Wong
AP Spanish:  Kaitlyn Anderson, Keyly Gomez, Paulina Lucio, Christian Maiz, Isabella Marini, Diana Matasker, Mason McClutchy, Jasleen Navarro, Michelle Ramirez, Julian Robles, Julia Russo


Laurence Romba
Buildings & Grounds - Maintenance Worker (36 years of service)

School Board Recognition Month
The New Jersey School Boards Association has declared January 2019 to be School Board Recognition Month, a time that all residents might acknowledge the contributions made by our local school board member.  A resolution was passed that recognized the services of local school board members throughout New Jersey as we join communities statewide in observing January 2019 as School Board Recognition Month

Special Public Report
NJ School Board Association Training presented by Matthew Lee, NJSBA Field Representative

2019-2020 School District Calendar
Click HERE to view the 2019-2020 school district calendar approved by the Board of Education

Policies Adopted
P0173 Duties of Public Accountant
P0177 Professional Services (M)
P6311 Contracts for Goods or Services Funded by Federal Grants
P8505 Local Wellness Policy/Nutrient Standards for Meals and Other Food (M)
P8550 Unpaid Meal Charges/Outstanding Food Service Charges (M)
P8681 School Walking and Bicycling