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After a full week of remote instruction, the phrase “school closure” certainly doesn’t seem to come close to describing what has been taking place in the Westwood Regional School District for the last five days. Our students and educators have effectively flipped the educational switch by seamlessly transitioning from on-site to remote learning. Kudos to all of our students and their teachers for their active engagement throughout the entire week. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and the specific feedback for improvement helps us to refine our practice even more. The open lines of communication will keep us all motivated and moving in the right direction. Don’t forget to continue to share pictures of your child’s at home experience directly with your child's principal or Dr. Gonzalez and we’ll be sure to add it to our social media feeds and shared Google Photos album.

As we approach the weekend, here are a few updates and reminders:

Continuity of Operations: Since the start of this experience, our primary focus has been on the continuity of education through remote instruction; therefore, the vast majority of our staff are not in our buildings. However, during this initial phase, select staff remained on-site, following all necessary social distancing and preventative precautions, to clean and disinfect our facilities, support the daily distribution of meals and technology devices, and to serve as a resource to our school community while attending to all other known and unknown needs of the district. Moving into the next phase, effective immediately, we will also be focusing on the continuity of operations and move administrative, business, and human resource functions to a remote work environment, when possible, in order to reduce the number of staff on-site. 

Online Portal: Don’t forget to check out our online Continuity of Education portal for district-wide information and resources. Recently we added a subsection to our RESOURCES tab for REMOTE INSTRUCTION which includes our state-mandated home instruction preparedness plan as well as some useful videos. We’ve also included a link to our shared album on Google Photos for you to peruse pictures shared by others or add photos of your own. 

School Facilities, Fields, and Playgrounds are Closed: During this time all school facilities, fields, and playgrounds are closed to the public. 

Last, but certainly not least, on behalf of the Administration and the Board of Education we want to thank EVERYONE for the love, support, patience, and flexibility. We are going to get through this together!

Have a GREAT weekend!